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Underbite Treatments Orthodontics In Sterling

Smile With Confidence: Underbite treatment Plans For You

A prognathism, known medically as an underbite, means the bottom teeth protrude before the upper ones. Our professional orthodontist at Top Nova Orthodontics offers a variety of ways to rectify Underbite conditions. Our orthodontists specialize in creating personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs. The process starts with a consultation followed by orthodontic braces or aligners like clear aligners and other appliances. We strive to correct underbites effectively while ensuring patients are comfortable throughout.

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How do we Treat an Underbite?

For effective underbite treatment, do not hesitate to contact Top Nova Orthodontics if you or your child has an underbite. Our team of experienced orthodontists is committed to providing quality care and helping you obtain a healthy, beautiful smile.


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We make your smile transformation affordable, with Smile Plans as low as $995, and monthly payments as low as $97/mo.


Our licensed orthodontists have transformed over 2,000 smiles – from minor to major alignments – using Invisalign.

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Why does an Underbite Develop?

An underbite is also called Class III malocclusion, which refers to lower front teeth being projected outwards than upper ones when the mouth closes. This can occur because of various reasons, such as:

Benefits of Underbite Treatment

Are you looking for underbite treatment? Be sure to check out Top Nova Orthodontics. Here are the reasons why:

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Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of your treatment depends on the severity of the patient's case and what type of treatment they will be receiving, but usually, it takes between 12-24 months on average.

Optimal results are obtained if a child or teenager undergoes early intervention, although this procedure can be done at any stage in life.

Any initial discomfort experienced as your teeth adjust is usually mild and temporary.

Several insurance plans cover orthodontic treatment, including underbites corrections; hence, we recommend checking with your insurer for more information concerning coverage.

Dental issues such as difficulty eating food, speech difficulties, and jaw joint disorders may arise if one decides not to correct their bites.

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Would you like to have a better smile and improved oral health? Visit Top Nova Orthodontics for consultation with our qualified orthodontists in Sterling, VA clinic. Please consult with the experts in underbite treatment at Top Nova Orthodontics today, and let us make a customized plan to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Don’t let an underbite stop you from becoming the best version of yourself – take that first step towards becoming a healthier, more confident individual.

It is important to note that early intervention is crucial for successful underbite correction; therefore, we urge you to take your time. Contact us now for an appointment and begin your journey towards a beautiful, functional smile.


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