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MSE TREATMENT: Orthodontics In Sterling

Maxillary Skeletal Expander (MSE) Treatments

The process of widening the upper jaw is called Maxillary Skeletal Expander (MSE) treatment. This non-surgical procedure can be utilized in both children and adults to correct issues such as a narrow upper jaw, crowding, misalignment of teeth, or having a restricted airway due to narrowness. Orthodontists commonly use traditional MSE for MSE treatment.

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Types of MSE treatment:

Traditional MSE:

In the tradition of the MSE, a palatal expander that can fit in a patient’s mouth is used. The expansion takes place when the screw mechanism of the device is twisted gradually after being attached to the upper molars. Therefore, this detects a slight pressure that fractures the maxilla bone, leading to separation and forming spaces that allow proper alignment among teeth with better breathing.

Hybrid MSE:

A blend of traditional and surgical operations forms a hybrid MSE. The conventional method alone doesn’t offer much because a condition like a highly narrow maxilla calls for invasive intervention; hence, hybrid procedures are appropriate in this situation, whereby patients undergo surgery to create a small opening on their upper jaws before introducing an expander pad.


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The process of MSE treatment:

Initial Consultation: Our experienced orthodontists at Top Nova Orthodontics Clinic in Sterling, VA will conduct extensive evaluations to determine whether you qualify for an MSE treatment. It includes discussing your issues and aspirations during the consultation and a thorough examination coupled with X-rays or scans for assessing your jaw and teeth.

Customized Treatment Plan: The orthodontist will then create a personalized treatment plan if you are selected to have it done using any customized plan between TMSE and HMSE, depending on what suits you based on the case severity levels involved. Moreover, our team will provide full explanations about how they do it, answer all related queries, and address any anxieties arising out there regarding these methods.

Placement of Palatal Expander: The professional orthodontist will fit a custom-made palatal expander into your mouth and attach it to your upper teeth for traditional MSE. This screw is then turned gradually to widen the device. On the other hand, hybrid MSE may require a surgical procedure first where an opening is made on the upper jaw, after which a palatal expander can be used.

Adjustment and Monitoring: Any necessary changes about the expander occur during MSE treatment; our orthodontists are keenly monitoring you until this process ends. Therefore, you will be scheduled for regular check-ups to ensure that things have gone well as expected or even look at some problems, if any.

Completion of Treatment: Once the desired width of the upper jaw is achieved, it will be time to remove the palatal expander from there. Some patients may, however, have to use retainers to maintain new tooth positions so that they don’t return to previous conditions based on individual situations. Our orthodontists shall then give clear directions concerning dental care and support outcomes associated with MSE treatment.

Causes of MSE Treatment

Crowded Teeth: Sometimes, crowding occurs when an individual’s maxilla fails to become sufficiently broad to accommodate all teeth, whereby some teeth overlap while others are misaligned.

Crossbites: A narrow maxilla can cause a crossbite, where the upper teeth are inside the lower teeth at the closing of the mouth because of this. This may lead to uneven teeth wearing and jaw pains.

Breathing Problems:  Another feature linked to a narrow upper jaw is breathing problems, especially when asleep. A constricted airway obstructed by a thin maxilla leads to difficulty in correct breathing.

Speech Issues: However, an abnormally small top palate can cause speech problems, leading to mispronunciations of some sounds.

Doctors may also recommend MSE treatment for these individuals to expand space in their upper jaws, allowing teeth to fit correctly.

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Benefits of MSE Treatment

Below are some advantages derived from MSE treatment:

Frequently Asked Questions

A candidate for MSE is someone with crowding or malalignment on their teeth or an individual with breathing difficulties. Narrow top jaws are usually found among them, too.

The duration taken by individuals undergoing MSE varies depending on specific cases but generally extends over several months.

However, Taking non-prescription drugs can effectively control minor pain in MSE therapy.

There are very few risks involved in MSE treatment, including temporary discomfort and speech or eating difficulties that may accompany the process.

Of course, one must wear a brace following the procedure to maintain the tooth’s new position.

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